Adding Table

The Table can be placed into different blocks of a page via Drag & Drop.

  • Click Build on the left sidebar of Site Editor:

  • Under the Features section, click Content
  • Find the Table:

  • Drag a Table item and drop it into a preferred block:

Edit Table

Hover over your table to display the Edit button in its top right-hand corner, then click Edit:

You can modify Layout and Design of the table:

Layout Tab

  • HEADING ROW: Allows to set the heading row:

  • HEADING COLUMN: Allows to set the heading column:

  • NUMBERING COLUMN: Allows to set the numbering column:

  • HIGHLIGHT EVEN ROWS: Allows to set the design for even rows:

HIGHLIGHT COLOR: Allows to set the color for even rows (the option is active when Highlight Even Rows enabled):

Design tab

  • HEADING: Allows to set a color for text in heading:
  • BACKGROUND: Allows to set a color for the background in heading:

  • TEXT: Allows to set a color for the text:
  • BACKGROUND: Allows to set a color for the background:

  • BORDER: drag to increase or decrease the thickness of the border:

  • PADDINGS: drag to increase or decrease padding for rows in the table:

Manage the Table 

  • Add a row above:

  • Add a row below:

  • Delete a row:

  • Add column left:

  • Add column right:

  • Delete a column:

Customize Text or Heading

Select a text to display the Editing Menu:

  • For a simple row:

  • For a header row: