My Sites

My Sites section of the Account Manager represents currently created projects and published websites:

  • Project – website prototype created from a template. 
  • Site – project published on a domain.

When a project is published, the icon will be displayed next to the project's name. Click the icon to open your site in a new tab:

Available Actions

All projects have a set of actions. Depending on the publish status of a project, available options may vary.
Unpublished project options contain:

  • Publish – opens a pop-up with domain selection and publish confirmation.
  • Rename – opens a Site Name pop-up to rename the project.
  • Duplicate – duplicates the selected project. The duplicated project will be unpublished by default.
  • Delete – deletes the project.

A published site will not contain the Delete option. This option will become available only after you unpublish your site.

Note: Deleting a project means moving it to the Deleted list. You can restore the project within 5 days. Afterward, it will be deleted permanently

Sorting Options

If your account contains more sites than permitted by the purchased plan, all additional projects will be displayed below the line "You've reached your sites limit. Upgrade your plan or purchase additional sites amount."

Sites can be sorted by:

  • Recent (by the last update date).
  • A-Z – alphabetical order.

Restoring Deleted Project

  1. Open the Deleted Sites section.
  2. Select the project to restore.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. If your plan allows you to add one more project, it will be restored and available for editing.