Post Editor Settings - Toolbar

Once you start typing, the Toolbar will appear at the bottom of the page:

Adding Heading

You can add Heading by clicking the H button on the toolbar:

Select any text element to edit it via the Toolbar:

Adding Text

Add  Text by clicking the Aa button on the Toolbar:

Adding Image

Add a  Photo by selecting the Photo button on the Toolbar:

To upload an image from your computer, click inside the DRAG & DROP frame, open the Upload from Your Computer dialog and select the image:

You can edit the image by clicking on it:

Replace the image:

Add a link to the image:

Link the image to a page on your site, an external URL, a file, an email address, or a phone number:

Add the  Color Overlay to your image:

Change the overlay color:

Choose the desired image size by selecting  Default:

By selecting  Wide:

By selecting Full:

Use Settings to customize the image:

Modify the image settings (add a caption, enable  On Click Enlarge to allow visitors to view the photo in full size when they click it on the live website): 

Hover over the image to move, duplicate or delete it:

Adding Video

Add a video by selecting the Video button on the Toolbar:

You can edit a video by clicking on it:

Choose the desired video size by selecting Default:

By selecting Wide:

Use Settings to customize the video:

Settings Tab

  • Video Link: Replace the sample video link with the link to the YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion video you would like to display on your site.
  • Autoplay: Select Autoplay to start playing the video as soon as the visitor accesses the page. If the Autoplay is disabled, the visitor will need to click the video to start it. 
  • Allow Full Window: Leave selected to allow users to display the video on the full screen. Deselect to retain the size of the video's placeholder (the visitor will not be able to view the video in a full window):

Design Tab

  • Theme: Choose the color of the progress bar (white or red) displayed when the video is being played
  • Preview: Select the video preview (the image that will appear when the video is not being played):

Adding Unordered List

Add the Unordered List to your text:

Modify the List using the toolbar:

Modify the Bullet Style:

Adding Ordered List

Add the Ordered List to your story:

Adding Blockquote

Add the Blockquote:

Modify the Blockquote by using the toolbar settings:

Adding Divider

Add the Horizontal Line between other features on the page:

Use the toolbar to modify the Divider by clicking on it:

Adding Spacer

Select Spacer on the toolbar:

Hover over the spacer to modify the Spacer: