You can place the Map feature into different blocks via Drag & Drop

To add the feature:

  • In the Site Editor, hover over the left sidebar and click Build:

  • In Features, drag Map and drop it to the preferred area:

Customizing a Map

  • Hover over a Map to display the Edit button in its top-right:

  • The toolbar opens with two tabs: Markers and Settings:


Modifying the Map Markers

Please Note: Due to the Google API restriction, shortened versions of Google Map URLs (the variants such as or ) cannot be validated. Customers need to enter the full URL ( to the address field or add the address as text to be able to add the marker.

  • Edit the Map Name and specify the Map Marker:

  • Click inside the field to paste the Address:

  • Add a Title and Description that the marker will display on the published website:

  • Select the Marker Еype from the list(default, default blue, default green, default orange, convenience, arts, shopping, salon, home, coffee, flag, bars, dining, camera):

Adding or Deleting Marker

  • To add a Marker, click the Add Marker button:

  • You can add multiple markers to your Map. All added markers will be listed in the Markers tab:

  • To delete a Marker, hover over the element to display the Delete [x] button:


 Switch to the Settings tab to modify the Map Settings:

  • Type. Click to choose the Map style:

1. Road map type:

2. Satellite map type:

3. Hybrid map type:

4. Terrain map type:

  • Zoom.