Blog Feed View

Format Feed

Select the Feed format to modify the layout of the blog page. 

Please Note: The Feed is set up to 10 posts per page by default, but you can change this number. 

Page Width

Choose the Page Width from the drop-down menu. The width is set as Standard by default:

  • Narrow page width:

  • Wide page width:

Meta Settings

If you want meta to be displayed, turn the switch on:


If you want a Divider to be displayed between posts, turn the switch on:

Alignment Settings

The alignment is set to the Left by default. Select the desired alignment from the drop-down menu:

  • The Title and Meta will be centered:

  • The Title and Meta will be aligned to the right:

Navigation Type

Choose the Navigation Type from the drop-down menu:

Blog owners may endlessly display historic posts with contiguous scrolling on the Blog page.

Or, Pagination can show only the most recent posts on the Blog, allowing visitors to navigate to previous or archived posts. Pagination breaks down Blog data into smaller sets, so visitors do not have to fetch all your Blog data simultaneously.

By choosing the Pagination type, you can select from two styles: 

  1. Standard

2. Previous

Navigation Type - Endless:

Setting as Home Page

To set the Blog as a home page, click the Set as Home Page button:

Hiding Page

  • To hide the Blog from the publish site, click the Hide Page button:

  • The Blog page will be placed in a hidden section in the Menu:


  • Switch to the SEO tab and customize the page Title and add its Description:

  • The Title appears in the browser:

Showing Page in Search Results

  • To show the Blog page in search results, turn the switch on: