Blog List View

Format List

Select List format to modify the layout of the blog page:

Please Note: Posts per page are set to 15 by default, but you can change this number.

List Style

Choose the list style from the drop-down menu. The style is set as Standard by default:

  • The Compact style looks like this:

Page Width

Choose the page width from the drop-down menu. The width is set as Standard by default:

  • Narrow page width:

  • Wide page width:


If you want thumbnails to be displayed, turn the switch on/off (when the switch is on, an additional parameter, Aspect Ratio, appears):

Aspect Ratio

Choose the aspect ratio from the drop-down menu. It displays image orientation. The ratio is set as Square by default:

  • Horizontal aspect ratio:

  • Vertical aspect ratio:


If you want the excerpt to be displayed, turn the switch on/off:

Meta Settings

If you want meta to be displayed, turn the switch on/off:

Read More Button

If you want to Read More button to be displayed, turn the switch on:


If you want a Divider to be displayed between posts, turn the switch on/off:

Navigation Type

  • Choose the Navigation Type from the drop-down menu:

  • By choosing the Pagination type, you can select from two styles:

1. Standard

2. Previous

Navigation Type - Endless:

Setting as Home Page

  • To set the Blog as a home page, press the Set as Home Page button:

Hiding Page

  • To hide the Blog from the publish site, press the Hide Page button:

  • Blog page moving to a hidden section in the Menu:


Page Title

  • Customize the page Title and add its Description:

  • The Title appears in the browser:


Google uses the Meta Description to present your website's content on a search engine results page:

Showing Page in Search Results

To show the Blog page in search results, turn the switch on: