Website Publishing

Website Not Publishing?

Publishing problems are rarely related to issues with the website builder. 

There are several possible reasons, including:

  • Hosting is unavailable (sometimes temporarily).
  • Incorrect hosting credentials provided.
  • Incorrect or missing port and protocol information.
  • Network errors.
  • Hosting permission or FTP credential issues.
  • Timeout issues related to poor FTP connection (we recommend using SFTP connection due to its improved speed and security).
  • Plan limitations. 
  • DNS settings or domain propagation.

Note: The type of error may indicate the case’s possible root cause.

Note:Only one site per subscription can be published (for all plans).

If a customer is unable to publish their site, this can be related to any of the following:

  • Account Status: Publishing is available only on Active accounts.
  • Subscriptions: Some plans don't allow publishing, e.g., some Trials if agreed with a partner.
  • Hosting:Is there an Active Hosting Connection? (You can view the Connection Status and testthe Hosting Connection within the Customer Manager in the Customer Record).
  • Port/Protocol: Check if port and protocol data is correctly specified and corresponds to the connection type used for the domain (e.g. port 21 + FTP; port 22 + SFTP etc.).
  • Domain: Check if a domain name has been connected to the project (if possible).
  • DNS Settings and Propagation: Publishing issues sometimes may be caused by incorrect DNS settings. Use any common tool (e.g., LINK) to check the domain's A Record and ensure it's pointed to the correct IP address.
  • Nameservers: Check the domain’s NS Records and make sure the domain points to the correct hosting provider’s nameservers.