Website Contact Forms

Due to several external factors, emails sent via Contact Form could be missing in a user's mailbox. The main reason is that messages to the following address cannot be sent or received.

Email from a Contact Form might not have been received or received incorrectly due to:

  • Poor Internet connection: 25 MBPS and less is considered "slow Internet" and can impact sending or receiving emails.
  • Email storage is full: All incoming messages would be bounced back to a sender with an "undelivered" mark. The customer should delete all irrelevant or outdated emails to settle this problem.
  • Email is received in the wrong folder: Some settings may route emails to trash. It's necessary to examine all folders to ensure that email is missing and review filter settings.
  • IP Address is blocked: Emails from a particular sender can get into Spam due to a blocked IP address. To receive letters from such IP, add it to a Whitelist (or allowlist) in settings. Note that it's only possible to apply changes to the whole domain.
  • Email provider issue: In some cases, an email provider receives a Contact Form confirmation email from the sender but doesn’t deliver it to the recipient (customer). In such cases, it's necessary to contact the email provider and request an investigation.
  • Provider delays: The provider's server can be overloaded or experience downtime. In this case, it's advised to check if there is an issue notification and wait.

For issues with Contact Forms, please follow the steps below.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check each form on the website to ensure that the email address is connected
  2. Check ensure that the email is not located in the Spam folder.
  3. Use MX Toolbox or other services to check if the email server IP address has been blacklisted.
  4. Try to reproduce the issue with a different email address.

Connect the alternative email address to a contact form.

  • Publish the project.
  • Try to submit the contact form. 
  • Check the email inbox.