Changing Templates

Templates cannot be swapped once content has been created. Instead, customers can:

Change theme colors (create own/choose from templates):

  • On the left sidebar of the Site Editor, by clicking Theme.
  • Hover over the Colors button, and select it to open the Color Settings menu.
  • Choose any of our predefined Color Themes by clicking the theme selector.

Add any pages from all available templates:

  • Select Pages on the left sidebar of the Site Editor, click Add in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click Page, then select Template in the Add New Page pop-up. 
  • Select a template from the list, and choose a page(s) you want to copy.

Enable the Block Creator:

  • Click Settings on the left sidebar of the Site Editor.
  • Go to Advanced, then select Site Editor.
  • Turn on the Block Creator toggle. The Block Creator can be re-used on any page of the customer's website.