Site Not Indexed in Google

If your website can't be found in Google Search, you can conduct the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check if the site is indexed by Google (enter site: followed by the URL of the customer’s website - e.g., If the search returns the website in the results, it’s indexed).
  2. Check the robots.txt file to see if there are any tags blocking indexing of the site: add /robots.txt to the end of a root domain to see if the website has robots.txt file - e.g.,
  3. Use the Robots.txt validator to check if crawling of the site is allowed (LINK).

If there are no blocking tags in robots.txt, but the site is still not indexed, you may offer the customer to request site re-indexing (detailed instruction:  LINK). Usually, Google crawls websites automatically. However this process may be accelerated. 

To re-index the website, it needs to be verified by Google:

  1. Enter the domain here (LINK) and copy the generated code.
  2. In the Site Editor: Google Services > Site Verification > Connect.

Enter the code generated by Google and click Save.