Site Wizard

Site Wizard is a simple step-by-step wizard that allows users to configure the basic settings, theme selection, and use a site template based on its suggested options.

Creating a site using the Site Wizard

Сlick Create Site from your Account Manager:

Сhoose how you want to create your site:

  1. With our help. Answer a few questions and we’ll prepare your website with text and images
  2. On my own. Browse our gallery and select your template

With Our Help

Select Generate Website to start the Site Wizard path:

Step 1

1. Choose a topic for your website

This helps us to identify the most relevant template for your content

2. Select   Next:

(When selecting the topic  Other, you will go directly to Step 3).

Step 2

Select a subcategory to add more details about your business.

  1. Identify the most relevant template for your content by choosing a subcategory.
  2. Select Next:

Step 3

1. Upload your logo by clicking on the  Add Logo area.

Сhoose the logo on your computer:

2. Add the name of your business or website.

3. Select  Next:

Step 4

  1. Continue by adding business or website details such as Email, Country, City, Address, and Postcode.
  2. Press Next:

A set of templates based on your information will appear in the For You tab. The number can vary. You can use the Back arrow to change category and sub-category. Also, you may choose a template from other tabs in the Gallery of Templates. To start editing, click on the preferred template.

Template preview with personalized info will appear. Here you can review information, set up general  Fonts and Colors, and edit or change your Logo. To move to the next steps, click Create This Site on the top right.

Start editing your website, and click  Publish when it’s ready to go live:

On My Own

To choose this method, click the  Choose Template button:

You will be redirected to the general template selection page:

Closing Site Wizard

To close the Site Wizard select the  Close icon in the upper right corner of the screen:

and confirm this action in the pop-up window by clicking the  Yes button:

after which you will be directed to the  Account Manager: